Saturday, November 27, 2004

Life - The Horror Never Ends


Death is inevitable...or so we try to forget daily...we do everything to drown it out the awful inevitable. We shop, make Christmas, run around, buy diamonds furs and cars...all to avoid thinking about the dreaded inevitable that someday we won't be here and we won't be relavant and Lord knows if we'll even be remembered. So it is with sadness we mourn the passing of an aquaintance. Not really a big part of my life per se, but none the less one of the many cogs in my husbands' life's wheels, one that turned on a daily basis and one that will now be noticably gone. Just missing, not there anymore with no rain check or postponement date. That's it just over. Life - as I said, just one horror story after the next.

And now since I've been off since like...Tuesday I am dreading going back to work, the longer I stay away the more I hate going back. Mankind just needs to be free, what is all this running around for anyway, all we need is food shelter and time to twiddle our thumbs until; as I mentioned before; the inevitable befalls us. Because after all, what's the bloody use anyway. I hate my job and some of the people at it..but what else can I do to kill time. Well I actually don't hate what I do but its just that I have a desire to be free and not work and just get up and go to the gym. Shit and that's what's really on my friggin' mind today! Huh where's the Iron Chef when you need it...just stupid Emeril Lagasse on now! Shit!


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