Friday, November 26, 2004

The Hype

So after all the travel hype and turkey basting madness, Thanksgiving is over and it turned out to be a pretty relaxing and fun day, lots of coversation at the In-Laws and good food, no over eating, just calm. Now the race is on 'til Xmas - New Years and its all more year into the past. The lines are growing outside the stores as we speak and actually my husband is on one right now at the local Best Buy! He's a computer geek and boy is he a devoted one too. Out there from 3am, waiting 'til 6am 'cause we all know the hype the sale...the Xmas get! And hey I'm guilty too 'cause I want that new MP3 player that can hold enough song for me to jog a 1/2 marathon to!


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