Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Days Go By...

...Yes indeed like that song by Dirty Vegas, they surely do. So where did I leave off..yes I was about to go on that job interview that actually went quite well and a lil birdie says that your dear scribe was received pretty well so now the wait is on...tick tock tick tock! Hey I'm patient. So Thanksgiving is here yet again, seems like it was here 3mths ago..unbelievable!!! How the years fly. Just yesterday I was looking at these old people shopping in the Market, and one pushed the cart 2 aisles and she was gasping! I just thought to myself, dear God life is just one horror story after another. You come here make your mark and then pass into to sweet yonder, into the great Elysian Fields. Well later the same bloody day, we get news that someone pretty close to my husband and I has 6mths to live - cancer. Yet another on of life's horrors, dished up all too cold! All this rushing around, cooking and carryin' on and really for what. Outta here and what's left then, the memories by a few who'll be outta here too. Oh well. So now the cold season will roll around and the Holidays will blow on by bringing us back to yet another Jan. with more resolutions and disappointments come May June & July. Here's to life and the days that slip easily into the future.


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