Monday, November 29, 2004

Disappearing Acts

So here it is I'm back at work today, just going over life and thinking of all the horrible things that can befall the average human being and becoming insanely paronoid and afraid. Life truly is a train wreck of sorts! So I'm bodily there and mentally elsewhere, thinking about why I haven't gotten a call back from this job interview even though they say that I did well and how the hell I could just run away and how awfully boring my co-worker is and how childish for a late 30s could be early 40ish woman. And also how much I'd like to strangle her moaning wimpering ass. Just roaming off at the mind. Was so tired on the bus that I got off on the stop AHEAD of my stop but just walked in, the extra exercise can't help I guess. So I call my mom and she tells me that the Caribbean is opening its doors for professionals to roam from Island to island and work visas easier to get...humm that's an option right there. Oh goodness does one ever know where this life is going to take you or show you. I like to think I'm lucky but who knows. There is so much uncertainty.


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