Saturday, December 18, 2004


They say when it rains it pours I hope that this will ring true. Ok so I didn't get that initial job @ Getty but I got a call for yet another new one. ok so if nothing comes from this at least I know that my resume and experience is decent and hey...interviewing practice can't hurt either! So I get left that message and then on the advice of a colleague in the industry I was told to call another footage outfit and then upon checking my e-mail I see that the same outfit contacted me about a position! What does this mean!! Ok hopefully good things can come out of this and if nothing else at least I'm sort of happy where I am, but if I see the door there, doesn't bother me either especially since I am not working with an emotionally unstable wreck of an individual! So the saga continues.
On a new front, I finally put the mental debate over whether to get a personal trainer to bed and went for it. With 8 sessions paid for I'm on the way to something that should be fun at least. Aaah what a I'm on hold at Sirius trying to sort my account out...1hr on the phone what an astronomical waste of time!!! Now I am angry!!!


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