Sunday, December 12, 2004

Holiday Madness

Well the Holiday season is upon us and as much as I'd like to ignore, I've got to comment. The mad dash started the immediate day after Thanksgiving, before that, no one seemed to pay a single 1/2 mind to Christmas, then all of a sudden I woke up to sickening syrupy carols, holly, snowmen icons and all the other such fare that make up the 4 or 5weeks of imagined bliss. The final run down 'til New Year, where we then pick up the pieces of our broken diets, bank accounts or whatever and make resolutions anew that stay intact 'til oh say around March and then, the cycle continues. I don't know how or when Christmas became a total burden or absolutly repetative, and constant reminder of fading time. I think it was somewhere around when I was 18 and it just suddenly got tiresome, the hunting for another original gift for the same people you bought for last year and last year seeming like just 6mths ago. The hunting searching and plus being somewhat selfish....just wanting to go off on a tangent and shop for myself anyway...hey, I could use that!! Its labourious and the choices are mindnumbing. So I've chosen to mostly ignore this for the last 10yrs and its worked out really well. So I enjoy watching all the mindless shoppers chase around, looking stressed and frazzled, spending all their non existant cash! Ooh its such a lovely feeling knowing that one is not caught up in this mess. So off I go now to look for curtains for my house with some new found free time from editing!!!!


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