Monday, December 06, 2004

Race Card

I am sometimes amazed and crazed at how much of a factor race plays in this country. To me it is silly and is an indication of narrowmindedness that often times stems from a lack of exposure. This being America and truly an insular culture, race is maddening. It seems to dictate where people live, what they eat, what malls they go to, how they're catered to by social services and I could go on forever! Yesterday I went shopping at the lovely Short Hills Mall in Short Hills New Jersey. From the looks of the shopper make-up at the Mall, I'm guessing that the surrounding 'burb is mostly white...well ok no prob. But the Mall was decidedly worlds different than the Newport Center Mall in Downtown Jersey City, where the color scheme is a lot different. Lets start with what Short Hills had and what Newport Center doesn't:

Free Parking

Live classical music/caroling

5th Ave under one roof as opposed to 14th St. under

No annoying mall Kiosks selling all the shit you don't want but think you do at that given time when the attendant pounces on you!

No crummy food court full of cheap yucky food and Chinese garbage - and just so you know that chicken is thigh meat no white breast meat folks

I mean Short Hills just does not facilitate a certain type of crowd, which I am sure was done on purpose, it is also not easily accessible to the "general" local class public, no busing in here. Race separates, just drive up Park Ave to about, oh say 109th st. go downhill and you literally go DOWNHILL! I was once called and surveyed about E-Z Pass, and at the end of the survey they asked my race....what the f*&k does that have to do with my ease in getting in, out or over a bridge or friggin' tunnel! In my neighborhood I am figuring that most of the people don't know what the hell a real array of vegetables looks like, since they are mostly gorging on rice and low level bottom feeding food. I drive 4mins down to Hoboken and viola! A large spread. Go thru some 'hoods in B'klyn and you'd be hard pressed to find anything diet or low fat... or anything resembling a healthy meal. Would I've to tell you that most of these 'hoods are black or hispanic. Its like we live in 2 separate universes, not even in the same country. It is baffling and mind boggling. Black 'hoods are festooned with graffiti honoring our heroes and there are constant reminders of, "no violence" and "we were kings & queens" but it's almost like someone trying to convince themselves of something that they're not 'cause the violence and lack of self worth is so evident. The 'hoods are nasty, the people crazy and all lack of peace and self worth are out the plain as day. Constant calls for mediation, but gang warfare flourishes. Sometimes I think that it's the behavior of people who've been pushed aside and swept under life's rug and then sometimes I just get angry at how stupid; don't they get it, have a drink of life's sobering coffee already will you. And sometimes its a combination of both, but the fact is that America is still consumed with race and what race and where are you from and what are you and as a black and first black and on and on goes the blather. People on both sides of the fence are prone to puny mind sets and a constipated mentality. Until their minds expand a little more...well there will be black ads, white ads (albeit for the same product), black voters, "mainstream" voters, black church, white church, black music, white music and on and on and on with the race card bullshit!


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