Sunday, March 27, 2005

Black Boogie Man

Ever realize how terribly consumed by race American seems to be or how White culture in this country is absolutely afraid and downright petrified of the Black Man in particular and Black culture. After 200 years blacks have live (more like forced to live) in this country and White America still acts like we just showed up 30 years ago. Drug laws, decency laws, prisons and all kinds of other limiting measures have come about from this fear. What is it that the White culture is so afraid of, makes me think that we've something awesome, that someone would fear you so much, that means you've got to be powerful. White culture runs amock trying to protect the "virtue" of their white women, that is of the utmost priority. Drug laws came about to curtail; not harmful use of drugs but the fact that certain minority groups in society (Blacks Chinese Mexicans) would lure away the wonderful white women with their magic powers. Marriage laws; no interacial marriage, good Lord can't have that, the minorities will marry off the white women, no hip gyrating music, yes you got it, it'll lure away the white women and have them swaying off with these boogie men. The white woman and her virtue have been the basis for lynchings, the forbidding of black men to even whistle or look at - the white woman. Even now I turn on the TV and the parade of criminality starts, and its always they're looking for a - "black male" "he was a black" male, rape, burgelary, drug dealing, armed robbery, car jack, murder and on and on. Yes good white folks, he's coming ta get you, get your guns, barracade yourself and get ready for the attack of the Black Males!!! On the show Cops he is the star and main character, shucking and jiving in his handcuffs, in prison he is the majority - hey more of them in prison that in college. And when he does make it, he's the disbaraged rapper. That's the new one, the rapper: strong, unapolagetic, violent, misogynic, sexist, eomen exploitive, materialistic, dirty, indecent. Oh all the bad things for the culture, the scourge of Bill O'Reilly; all what's wrong with America and black culture, if only we could get him in line, fix him and make him humble and compliant then we'd all be happy - won't we?


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