Monday, January 17, 2005

Remembering the Dreamer

Today was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Holiday. A very subdued day none the less. There's not a lot of hootin' and hollering going on about this holiday, it comes on the heels of Xmas and New Years and I guess all the air's been let out of most people. MLK was controvertial figure in his day, and no one seems to know how to approach this holiday. From what I've been hearing, it seems to be a day that a majority of the work force does not get off. Anyway. What to do with a dreamer, the dreamer who struggled so hard and tried to make a change so that everyone - all types included could live or even be given 1/2 a chance at that all illusive "american dream" Murdered all too soon he's remembered with less fervor than infamous Christopher Columbus. There isn't even a sale to go with his holiday, I guess no one knows exactly how to approach it. Well MLK your dream still hasn't come true 100%, its nearly there, but until humans get a consious awakening, I don't really know if would.


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