Monday, January 10, 2005


Guys we need to serve us the world!
WMA - Weapons of Mass Attraction or I dub it, the phenome of the White Male anchor, the attraction, the ensued reliability, credibility etc. Why do we still need to be told the news; and serious news might I add; by "serious" looking types, usually white men with soothingly mundane vocals and calming attributes. As the horror of the recent tsunami unfolded, all these top notch male anchors were dispatched to "fill us in" on the chaos and shear devastation, not a woman on this landscape, not even a Hispanic male and forget a black person. Are people still so stupid that they believe facts more if the person spitting it from their mouths looks like a "father-knows-best" type. Hey folks, it is what it is who the f&*k cares to hear it from Dan Rather, Jennings or any of the other male dunderheads. That sobering voice and calm "daddy's home" demeanor. I guess it works every time. I wonder when this will ever change. Well if anything about indoctrination and brainwashing is holds true; and they're exposed to a new generation - it might be a while.


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