Monday, March 21, 2005

Domestic Disturbance

Has anyone but me noticed how many women are murdered at the hands of their boyfriends, husbands or significant others. Am I the only one who seems to keep a mental tally in my head of all the heinous events. We're in March and already the slaughter has begun, 1st up, Russian immigrant woman, divorces awful hubby to have hubby ambush her at work, killing himself, her and wounding the new fiance. Next on the hit list Guyanese woman murdered after her boyfriend gets her here, woman stabbed, shot, choked with a belt....get the idea or do I need to continue. What is it about how these men are socialized that they have to become violent crossing that line between mere threat to actual murder. Is it genetic or is it a case of nature vs nurture, who knows but there seems to be a high ratio of these murderous men who seem to think that it is their right to treat women how they very well please (usually badly) and then become beligerent when these said women decide to leave. You get the suicidal love lorne and the homicidal. But just as I read a news story and hope that it would be the last one of the such type that I read, I get as far as a week to 2 weeks when yet another more grusome murder is either buried somewhere in the newspaper or sensational enough to hit the front. I sometimes say a small prayer for these women & girls and their families and hope that I don't have to yet read another one of their sad stories in the tabloids but as ill fate would have it; I am always disappointed.


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