Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another piece of life slips away

So Johnny Carson died and out trot all the old farts to wax poetic about how wonderful, how great blah blah. The vultures of "great eulogies" come out to perch on any show that'll have them on every time one of them passes on to the great yonder. Johnny slipped outta circulation in '92 and none of these old birds never even saw him again, and won't even do so in death. He slipped out and blocked them all off and outta his life, so what makes him so grand. Yeah another tall white thought-to-be-intelligent male dies. Boo hoo, and to top it, I heard that he'd a black granddaughter that he didn't even acknowledge, not to mention that he was a wife beater...humm where are all the boo hoos for that. Toss 'im in and lets keep this train moving, call me harse but hey, it is what it is. And to those who say not to speak ill of the dead; why not, we're all gonna be dead someday and nothing can stop that!


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