Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Case for Terri Schiavo

Everyone is up in arms today as the life force slowly drips away from poor Terri. Terri who's image with crumpled hand, lolling mouth and vapid eyes haunts us daily from our TV sets as parents beg and turn everywhere only to be turned down and down again to rejuvenate their dear vegative daughter. What we have now are 2 sides pitted against each other, those for life and those for a slow goodbye to Terri. But isn't it ironic that this woman whose condition as it is now was brought on by starvation will at last go out by starvation. Life is truely strange. Now the jury is out with me, the husband claims that Terri wouldn't have wanted to live like this....but she never wrote or said anything concrete in reference to the fact. I keep wondering what is his alterior motive. He stayed married to her, why; even though he's moved on, has a girlfriend; he won't divorce this Terri "the vegetable" I say just make your peace with her, and hand it off to the parents, after all they brought her into the world, let them (if they so deem) take her out. This husband seems a bit too insistant, guess he's one of those people who has to have the last word. Now they're protests outside, and the politicians and religious yahoos are out in full force. Who I really feel bad for are her relatives, those poor parents who still want to hold on, even if in a vegatative state. After all, in the video, her eyes are open. What does this mean now for everyone that slips off into anything less than the life we consider valuable, will husbands now off with wives who're comatose too long, too sick, too whatever, will we off with the burdonsome disabled, downs syndrome, not smart enough....see where I'm going, what does it all mean, well only time will tell. But for now, the debate rages on and so do the news reports.


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