Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Parade of Death

It started with Terri Schiavo then Johnnie Cochran, then came the Pope and Prince Rainier. Moving faster than I can type, I guess you can say that they're making way for the new people being born everyday. I'm almost afraid to ask who's next. Well I didn't get ask that question before Peter Jennings trotted out wheezing and heavily breathing on air to say that HE's been diagnosed with lung cancer! After he stopped smoking for 20years he started back 4yrs ago and boom! Gotcha! cancer crept up and got 'im. Ah life you just don't get outta here alive.
Now thousands are storming the Vatican, blockading poor Italy to see a dead carcas of a man where the soul no longer resides. All these idiots in the Catholic Church...what I call the Evil Empire, set up hundreds of years ago to rule command and most of all; make money off the backs of poor dumb peasants. And that's my take for today. And Bill O'Reilly last night going on about the "Holy Father" this and that...what a stupid ass loud mouth!


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