Thursday, April 14, 2005

Work Relations

So my co worker has finally got her wish and that is to throw the guy she thinks might "attack" her out. From day one she had it in for him and yes he did make a few missteps with her but for it to escalate to this is just crazy. I think that everyone is officially annoyed at having to go on up to Human Resources to discuss the blowout that occurred on Friday last and what they think of the said employee in the cross hairs. I see no reason for the sense of urgency, the individual is not so horrendous that we've to get him out like a bad habit and I said so. On saying this, I've discovered that there is one person in the party that is a bit of a hot head and trouble maker, and when the crosshairs are set, well like a heat seeking turning back. The complaining, the percieved indignities at the hands of the vilan and on and on. I try to have a healthy relationship with everyone and not let personal issues or vendettas cloud my vision, and I also won't scandalize or let it be on my mental resume that I caused someone - a good worker I'm hearing - to lose there job. One other coworker is totally disgusted and one or 2 others are not good with having to go and bear witness. So I guess I'm seeing a trend since the same tactic was pulled 2yrs ago by the same person and the cross hairs were set, but alas they couldn't toppel that giant, the threat left all on its own. But as I say...their day will come too. As Stephen King writes "Everything's Eventual"


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