Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jesus Wept for the Relic

Why are Christians; and Catholics especially so obssessed and consumed with relics, relics from the time of Jesus, the shroud, the spear the cross anything that they can set their eyes or put their hands on to somehow "connect" themselves with Jesus, his life and his existance. Somehow I think that they think it puts them in a position closer perhaps? Catholics have the rosery beads, they fixate on the detatched eyes of saints, hearts in glass jars are not uncommon in some churches and on and on. Why do we need to feel this connection to the past, does it somehow validate it for the believer? I wonder. I think that they should spend the time better trying to figure out how to get along, love one another, seek world peace and get to a higher level of spirituality that Jesus so wanted people to reach. The all unfortunately miss the mark. Pat Robertson on the 700 club and all his cronies with their snake oil salery are another bunch. They plead constantly for money and that soft heart tugging organ music acts as the bed for the beggary, needing money for missionaries, and the spread of Christianity and their Jaguars and Cadillacs perhaps. What is all this money about. And with your donation some useless dust collector or the promise of regained eyesight, healed ailment or whatever they invent in the strange corners of their mind. Its all so sickening how everyone has lost their way, poor Jesus would have a fit if he came back to witness this mess we now have, he would weep yet again.


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