Saturday, April 23, 2005

Go West!

Today we took a walk thru Chinatown, just taking in the scenery and letting our eyes drink in the sights. Chinatown NYC is massive, engulfing what's now left of Little Italy; which is now only about 3 short blocks and consists of some Chinese salesmen too. As I was walking out of the buddhist temple that I decided to wander into, I was thinking out loud to my husband how interesting the world is with all the different faiths and beliefs and everyone has their thing that works for them, and that people shouldn't try to change one another but just live, love and respect instead of trying to jam, or coax one set of religious or idealogical beliefs on other sets. Well no sooner than I said this, we happened upon the Mormons, in Chinatown, complete with the Chinese version of the Book Of Mormon and pictures of beautiful pure white Jesus - of the blue eyed fame. I engaged Elder Walker, inquiring about Mormonism, letting him know that I was quite familiar with their resplendent "Temple" on 65th street and their strange exclusive beginnings. Well Elder Walker explained the beginnings, letting me know that the original Christians (being them) came to America 600BC and started prophesying about Jesus and then the Mormon founder went west since he heard a calling from God where he found God's instructions and meaning of life inscribed in or was it on a gold plate. However when I pressed about these original plates, I was told that an Angel or God made off with them, yes God giveth and then taketh away. So here it is, God gives this hick the instructions to life itself around the turn of the 18th century then he mysteriously only lets there be 4 witnesses to this then he has it taken back and there boom started the Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ. That you can get thousands to fall for this is amazing to me. Just cloak some strange belief up in what seems like Christianity and there you have it, the snowball has started. Elder Walker seemed intelligent enough, I mean as a young guy from Utah no doubt, deep in Chinatown speaking madarin, well he was no fool. But when he went down that road of the angel or God taking back the instructions I pretty much checked out mentally and physically and had to bid Elder Walker a good evening. I guess that's why I've always referred to them as the Morons! Ah just another nutty off shoot in Christianity and human's quest for the ultimate truth.


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