Friday, April 22, 2005

As of Late

So it looks like I seem to be fast becoming a critique of things religious, ridiculous and real. And the first question I want to address is why is it that Catholics seem to ALWAYS see the Virgin Mary everywhere and in everything, on a piece of toast, on a wall, statues crying oil, blood and every other substance known to man. And its always followed by crowds of desparate looking Spanish people in which ever city, crying praying and basically going crazy around the said "vision". In Chicago they're seeing her yet again and one woman remarked that her faith is restored. Sitting there I kept wondering, where do these people work, were they ever committed to mental institutions, do they have kids; basically who the hell are these yentas!?? And the next thing is, what is all this free time about! They all need to be labotomized.
I was also watching a documentary yesterday about these charismatic preachers/healers, Benny Hin & Bonke to be precise, such charletans!! There really must be a special place in hell for these tricksters or some punishment in this life of the after!


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