Sunday, April 24, 2005


Every time I watch one of these Bible Mysteries shows on TV it only cracks my faith in anything all that much more. It seems that everything, every faith and belief is founded on smoke and mirrors, superstitions and human's need to rationalize an irrational world. It looks like some parts of the Bible were a bit - how should I say it- embellished. Religions, primitive and "culturally" significant all speak of an afterlife, where we'll all live resplendent and all our troubles will go away, a place where we'll be reunited with our beloved dead friends and relatives and all the long dead and Christ believing; that is for the Christians. For the Muslims, its similar with the exception of Christ and for Jews, I'm not quite sure. Jesus was born in the manger, or so it says but now its believed he was born elsewhere and laid there, not exactly the same as being born We have staked a lot on these beliefs. Grand churches, money, time and lots of souls are gambling on this belief and any contrary ideology or belief is quickly shot down as blasphemy or heresy. When challenged believers hastily quip not to question, just believe, have faith and look to the heavens and pray. Sorry, unfortunately for me I guess, I question and a bit too much I might add. I still don't believe in the Adam and Eve, I don't believe in the Virgin birth. I actually believe that these stories were invented and placed surreptitiously in the Bible upon one of its many dubious translations after hitting the European continent. Medieval times were full of suspicious relics and strange behaviors on the parts of the new Christians, wishing to validate their faith as the shining beacon, the best. After all Catholics were responsible for the horrific Inquisitions that brought about some of the worse tortures on mankind. Now we watch on TV as a new and resplendent Pope is ushered in, to sit at the head of what I think is an Evil Empire. Preying on the insecurities and prejudices of society, backward, out of touch and totally irrelevant. Still praying to saints and statues, idolatry. I believe like the Jews, we humans need no interceder between ourselves and the Creator, he is there for us, he's around us and no Elder Walker, he isn't some God Body somewhere up in the clouds with perfect David Barton Gym sculpted body; he is in us and we can call on him or her whenever we need to, we don't need Saint this or Santa that, we can speak directly to the Creator, no secretary to put us on hold or operators to take messages and instruct us on what to do in our cases of emergency. So what is the real meaning of it all, is all this just some cruel joke whose punchline will be revealed in the afterlife? Who knows but for now I communicate directly with my Creator, yes him and I do have a relationship, I do better things with my Sundays, and do read the Bible; because I like to read and the Proverbs are startlingly relevant. Otherwise, we're all hurtling towards the abyss of the unknown and for the faint of heart, its can be a frightening thing.


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