Sunday, April 24, 2005

Black on Black Violence

Yes that's the catch word that has become familiar to me ever since I've moved to this country. What, why, when, what's to blame and how can we stop it. It seems to me that all Black Americans ever talk about is their misfortunes, the crime, "mobilizing", "coming together" and discussing - all the well intending cliches, but somehow the situation always stays the same. Then they lash out and blame, music or some kind of entertainment. Whatever the going trend is of the day, the new blame seems to fall squarely at the feet of the "gangsta" rappers as they're called these days. Yes its them, they set a bad precedence for our kids, they should clean up their act. Yes 50 Cent and Game and whoever else now have to be in charge of your kids, its hard enough for them to run around trying to have careers but now they've to babysit and raise a bunch of kids that aren't theirs. Yes that's it, that's the solution to the problem. Well the hard cold facts are this: 50 or any other entertainer has no responsibility or liability to your children, their well being, or their upbringing; that lies on the shoulders of the absentee parents. They don't owe you guys anything but a song, autograph or maybe a hand shake. A shootout and everything is in the media, we know how the media loves to keep blacks and their doings under tight scrutiny, that big ole magnifying glass. Fact is, humans are capable of 3 definite things - Love, Violence & Sex. Those 3 things will sell over and over, and there is nothing that we can do to stop that tide. So blaming and trying to figure out who's at fault for all the madness is tantamount to spitting in the wind. There is no real analyzing, because to analyze we've to take a look back at our own selves, and sometimes that's not a comforting or pretty sight.


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