Thursday, April 28, 2005

Don't Turn off the Stove - God is Watching!

"04/26/05 - NEW YORK, NY) — New York city authorities say they believe a fire that killed three boys from the same family may have been ignited by a stove that had been left on for three days.
Leaving the oven on is a custom observed during Passover in some Orthodox Jewish communities as their religious custom forbids certain activities during holy days, including turning on stoves."

Now lets examine this, you think that God doesn't want you to turn off the bloody stove, burn your house down, leave others in the building homeless and cause great harm. If this is the God they believe in, well then, I am an atheist because I sure as hell don't believe in that one. When people get caught up in Religion and indeed religious fervor they in fact lose all touch with the Creator and what his/her real essence is all about. We tend to get caught up in the traditions, and repetitious ceremonial nonsensical practices that have lost their meanings somewhere along the many centuries. We get so caught up in the "doings" that we fail to ever connect with what its all really supposed to be about and that is; being at one with, and communicating, and meditating on & with the Almighty one. Christian religious zealots run around the world allegedly "claiming souls for Christ" they put on elaborate shows and razzle dazzle, they're building arenas (and packing them might I add) they've got the bands and the multiscreens, and they're telling and selling you the way to everlasting happiness is through Christ, so step right up, do this and that and you're on your way. The Catholics just appointed their Pope with much pomp and lavish activity and on and on it goes. But did anyone recently stop and really read Jesus' words, really see what he was all about. Do we even take a moment from the senseless practices and strange religious fervor to go into the park, with nature and relax and look at the birds, the insects the flora and fauna and really appreciate all what God is capable of, the birds that return with the Spring, the Earth that turns so efficiently on its axis, never going astray, the animals and their acute senses and instincts that makes them so efficient, the beautiful tress that bloom with synchronicity ever year. Do we really stop and realize the greatness of the Creator? Nope we don't our brains are too big and we're to busy worrying about cleaning up dirty movies, Evangelizing a tormented world, empty praying 5 times a day, kicking women down another notch and not touching the stove during Passover.


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