Sunday, May 01, 2005

Target Practice

Out Damned Spot

Target Audience

Where do I begin with this newest post. Ok so somehow, I end up at an Islam Awareness seminar, hosted by the "all knowing" Minister Reza Safa, former Shi'ite Muslim now one of the newest converts and crusaders for the Christian Church and allegedly Jesus. Yes he was here in PA to fill us in the evil religion know as Islam and its dastardly followers who are responsible for 90% of the world's violence, neck choppings and all that's wrong with the world today. Yes Muslims, the primary players in the signs of the "end times". We were going to be informed, well when I say we, I'm talking about the small gathering of ultra suburban older white women yentas, who were all "concerned" about the spread of this conflicting and competative religion and how to combat it, slay the Islamic dragon and lead all its misinformed and doomed followers to Christ and inevitable paradise. Monsignor Safa touched on many points, too many to keep you here stuck like the flies I know you are. I found his style to be a passive agressive intolerance of other faiths. He had the evidence on all his papers that he shuffled through, a neck chopping here, a maiming in Indonesia, an execution in Afghanistan and all the heinous and awful things that these evil Muslims were doing, he had all the ducks lined up, all the way to 9/11 and the new madness in Iraq, he lined em up and took em down to the gasps and quiet oohs and ughs of this small "concerned" smatering of Christian women. I'm sure that all they saw in their small minds' eyes were a marauding band of brown skinned people screaming Allahuakbar and pulling the string on a bomb!!
At one point the honorable speaker even made it sound as if McCarthyism was good!!!! Hey it shook out all those Communists from America, thank God for McCarthy, if not for him, why we'd all be saluting the red flag!!! Yes he taught us a thing or 2, or did he. Ok so Muslims don't believe in the diety of Jesus, neither do the Jews so why are Christians so cozy with Jews, they just love them to pieces and I don't think Jews give a rat's ass about Christians one way or another, they rush off to Synagogue without so much as a bless you in any direction. These last days Jesus is paraded around like a Super Star, he's white he's crusading and he needs YOU!!! Yes he needs you to "donate" some money for his Satellite ministry so he can burrow into the middle east and draw in these poor illiterate, don't-know-what-the-Qu'ran-is-really-about people in. To me it seems that the people are drawn in with tales of healings, miracles and mysterious deeds. No real spirituality but more of the same, hey follow this guy and he'll get you the best spot in paradise, and guess what too, if ya got problem here on the planet, well he'll fix it too. This branding of Christianity as some sort of abra cadabra type of affiliation possessing magical properties with Jesus being the head magician is misleading and disingenuous at best. That Muslims are capable of violence in the name of religion negates all the heinous things done in the name of Christ by whites to non-white peoples around the world, lets see where should I start, South Africa, the Americas and most other countries around the world. What about that, what about the violent crusades by the Catholic Church, anyone remember those, slavery and the justification of raping the African Continent of half its population to fuel the growth of the Western World. Maybe you need a little lesson Senor Safa, maybe you're just schooled in the art of the Bible and Iran, and should do yourself the service of schooling yourself in History, all types of history, Medieval, American and World.
Oh boy the good Minister, let us know that if we didn't get the right judges, senators and all we would wake up to find that the Arabs had taken over and we'd all be kneeling down and praying to Allah!


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