Saturday, May 07, 2005


America as of late seems to become overtaken by the attack of the Prudes - Prudes these tight assed, uptight, overly sensitive creatures seem to be offended by everything, from pee pee to poo poo, big bad dirty words, dirty dancing - at least what they deem that to be and just about anything fun. Yes the prudes have reared their ugly heads, rising up from a 50's time warp to wreck havoc on all our 2005 fun, they've got TV so uptight its like watching the Disney Channel on every network, why we can't utter a curse word, do a lil bump and grind or even make a risque joke, no no no, the prudes are watching out for every child in America so we should all revert to children, every grown adult. In bed by 8, no naughty movies and no dirty words. The prudes have returned...can anyone banish them to some hell hole please!!!!


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