Friday, June 10, 2005

White Woman Missing - Stop Everyone!

Ok I'm back and on a roll! So we got a new missing white woman - yes a blond, a Ms. Holloway who went astray or was led astray by the boogie man, the black boogie man on an island in the Caribbean. Humm I lived in the Caribbean and I know how these gals wild out when they get there in the sun and surf. Now lets examine this latest case - she goes out to bar with friends but somehow, doesn't come home with them, I figure she didn't cause they said that she was supposed to go back to the hotel room. So why was she going back to the hotel room alone when she was out drinking with friends. See just another glossing over of a story when it young white "perfect" and pretty. My guess - drunk gal, drunk friends, wild out, men had a free for all she gets into car, passes out, dead somewhere, men run off and there is your story. No boogie man, just a reckless night out and now we got a problem. Why is no one asking the question of why did Natalee leave with these strange men and what is she doing in a bar drinking??!! And why is the Aruban tourist board all up in arms about this shit because they so scared that people won't come back to Aruba!! Please, don't leave anywhere with strange men and you won't end up dead or missing!!! Lets talk about that! They're worried about their image and this gal is running off or being taken off by strange men - humm - the nightmare of all white folks! Dragged off into the night by some black gorilla! Probably lifted on his shoulder like how King Kong did that lil woman. Well all I can hope for is the best, but hey how many black women go missing and no one gives a damn - Guess we'll never know.


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