Monday, May 30, 2005

Satellite Radio Addicted!

Ok I knew this from before. I would rent cars from Avis and couldn't bring myself to return them, satellite withdrawal set it soon after. I had to wean myself off it, and not think about its existence to remain sane when I couldn't have it. Then Howard Stern - King of All Media had to say that he was going to go on it and I love him so much, listening for about 13yrs, I got the coupon to sign up for the year, the decision was made for me, no thought, got me a sirius satellite radio and now I am hooked!!!! Can't sit at my desk without streaming the music, can't get in the car without hooking it up - It just dawned on me - I am TOTALLY addicted. Addicted especially to the Hip Hop station; ooooooh the most beautiful and diverse creative UNCENSORED new and cutting edge raw, nasty Hip Hop. Hip Hop from all over the country (the durrrrty South mostly)I feel like I've been liberated from drop outs and "clean edits" of songs and those swooshy sounds that they add when the song is full of curses, it is totally liberating. G-Unit Radio ooooh weeeee!!! I never liked listening to the local hip hop station, the NYC playlist is repetitive and whack and they have to add in the lame ass R&B sappy songs that I hate, yes I'm black and cannot stand most R&B, gimme Mary J, some Destiny's Child and take the rest, Neo Soul is my thing and yes Sirius got me covered there too. I've been waiting for this all my life and now I've mainlined it to the vein and there is no coming back, no rehab for me!


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