Sunday, May 15, 2005

Prayer Request

I was drawn into watching the TBN Network this fine Sunday morning as my husband was viewing it on the computer. On came Bishop (the very young Bishop might I add) Clarence McClenden and after her was done with his babble the camera cut to him on stage with crew, praying and muttering over a stack of papers. I was curious; what the hell were the papers, I was promptly told that they were prayer requests. Prayer requests??!!! If we believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient, why do I have to send my letter into some Bishop whoever to pray for me. Its amazing how people view spirituality in the same terms that they view real life, I guess they figure that somehow their prayers will get faster response if they employ the services of a Clarence McClendon the same way I might employ a lawyer to speed along my immigration papers at the INS. I guess that they don't get it, God isn't like a bureau where you need a representative to contact, there is no "red tape" to cut through, no secretary to place you on hold or pencil you in for a later date. No, but if half these "bishops" and "pastors" let their parishioners in on this fact the flock might not be as forthcoming with their "donations", but it seems we are strung along because it is the trait of humans "ever to be fond of mysteries and for that reason to like best what they understand least" So here it is all these poor souls mailing in their prayer requests to be prayed over, somehow they feel that they cannot reach out to God alone, they need assistance, I guess that's just another faction of strange human nature. And I guess that's why I could never be a real great charlatan, I'd always be compelled to tell the truth.


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Wow, I love your blog. Your posts are really on point. I caught the comment you left on my blog which (with a little Googling) led me to your blog. I will continue to enjoy your blog and the way you think. Please do not stop.

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