Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Strike

My husband just recently got a great new job, the next day his father got canned. I'm sure you're wondering where this is going, well he got canned from working at the good ole church, see he was the custodian, a sort of caretaker, handyman of sorts. He'd had an angioplasty done in February for a clogged valve in the heart, but he was so lucky, his heart had sprung 2 small valves off the major one to deal with the stress of that one valve being closed. Being the dedicated worker he was and being that the Dr. also gave him the good ole go ahead and a clean bill of health, he was happy to get back to work and be on his feet again, greeting the daily folks and kidding around with the coming and going daily flow of parishioners. But the "board" of the Church; with no medical evidence, or rhyme or reason just thought (after he'd been back without incident for 6wks) that he should go, they thought that his health wasn't up to par for what they thought a custodian's health should be - how kind. No they give him the notice, totally broadsiding him and my husband. They'd give him one month's salary and then ta ta into the blue yonder. If this is the kinda activity and behavior one can expect from an organization that would like to hold itself in some higher spiritual esteem, well there ain't much hope for nowhere else - or is there? I've never come across more twisted and humanly lacking people as when I started to move in these church circles, that is why I rail tirelessly against man's creation of Religion. I have only seen my husband more unpset and sad on 2 other occasions, he was hurt, crushed; how could they do this to his father, after all the work all he'd done; all that he'd given of himself, the all that he himself had done for them. The countless Sundays, running this and taking care of that, the events, the friends, the uncompensated and unselfish assistance. And after all that, this is the send off you get, you don't even get to close the door on your own terms, just unceremoniously pushed to the side, tossed out on your ear. The claim of being "concerned" for his health is little more than a bullshit excuse for their wrongdoing. This in itself serves as one more strike into my total rejection of organized religion of any sort, man in himself is imperfect and cannot even hope, as a collective to reach that so desired perfection. But this falls off the precipice of good taste much less perfection, one doesn't have to be perfect to know that this was wrong.


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