Tuesday, May 10, 2005

There is no safe Haven

I saw this story today in the newspaper and thought to myself - there really is no refuge from the madness and sickness of the world, no safe haven. Now here is this model society molded after the Bible with all the correct people living there and the apparent attempt at utopia, rushing heaven I suppose, guess try to make it here on earth and live out a supposed Biblical existence but even in Eden there was slithering evil sliding around on its belly amongst the trees and grass. It found Eve & it found Cain who killed Abel driving them all out of the supposed perfect garden, never to be recreated again, 'cause man at his best is sometimes evil and vile and capable of the most heinous of things. So here it is you've got 2 little girls senselessly murdered in the supposed perfect world of their forefathers' creation, no motive, no sexual assault - nothing just stabbed to death after going out for an innocent ride around town. I guess all their poor little defenses were down, I'm sure no one ever told them about the evil that people are capable of, they were probably raised believing that every one is trustworthy and just a-ok, after all this community probably had "no blacks, no Jews or no gays" all the things that are apparently f**kin' up the whole world. Well this is indeed unfortunate but again I say lock your doors and watch your kids, that world doesn't or never really did exist - there is no safe refuge.


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