Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wacky Side Show

"IT'S OFFICIAL!: Couch owners are on high alert this morning amid news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged. At a news conference in Paris Friday morning, Cruise confirmed that he popped the question to his scuba-diving partner just hours earlier, high atop the Eiffel Tower. "Today is a magnificent day for me," he said. "I'm engaged to a magnificent woman." No wedding date has been set: "We haven't discussed that," Cruise added. "One step at a time." Yeah, the last thing they want to do is rush things." ha ha ha ha

Ok ok I had to comment on this latest. So it seems that the War of the Worlds is about to crest into movie theatres but the better show is the one surrounding it's lead and famous star - Mr. Movie himself, Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise what can I say about him; pint sized, movie maverick, known for making the lasses (and a few dykes a la Rosie O'Donnell) swoon and sweat over his unfadeable sex appeal, smoldering demeanor and stunning "movie star" looks. He has all the right moves and God bless him, the perfect leading man look. Nowadays it seems that we're getting a glimpse of another Tom, a rather strange and interestingly might I add freakish Tom. We all love it and are eating up the stories in the rags like hungry guests at a long awaited Thanksgiving meal complete with all the fixin's. Tom's Oprah romp was legendary! He pranced, kicked up his little heels proclaimed love and excitement, rolled about and after all that; he seemed to be stumped when Oprah asked where he and the now legendary Katie Holmes met. Hey that didn't slow him down from jetting off to lovely Paris to get engaged, all that after 4wks of strange publicity driven courtship. Yes Tom's meltdown seemed to come after he fired his long time publicist and his sister to do that job. She let him off that leash and away he went - who knew. I wish I could say that I didn't love it but I truly do, its farcical and comedy at its best! I know we can't get enough of it and we can't wait to see where the train wreck is headed, and we all know its headed for the nearest wall. Katie in all her naiveté and virginesque dumbness confessed; like so many her girlish crush on Tom as the Scientology couple blasted out of the starting gates of this latest celebrity wacky side show!


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