Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Digital Divide

Ok I meant to post about this. As I walk about town here in the NYC and see all the tourists a snapping away and attending the weekly weekend festivities about town and all the floatsam and jetsam snapping away, I notice something startling - digital is the new camera of choice. People want to see themselves, their poses, how they look or don't look right away! And they want to edit for maximum effect. Even my little god daughter after having snapped a pic with a standard camera, came over to look at the back for that little square with the image right there, she isn't even familiar with the concept of film these last days. So I say all this to say that the fact that Kodak is shrinking and declaring yet another loss is no real surprise. We all want the immediate gratification of seeing ourselves immortalized in whatever circumstance and the ability to edit and retake is fabulous, no more imperfection, no more waiting and then - ugh, why did I have my face like that or gosh I look fat, oh no, my eyes were closed. Nope digital has taken over, even shitty cameras built into phones and all, we want it to grab from out of reality and shoot over the internet or via e-mail. Kodak had better find another biz and not that I like Kodak, I found their film less than superior anyway (I prefer Fuji, works better with ethnic skin tones)So here it is 2005, Kodak shrinking, and time moving, I wonder - where will it all finally shake out.


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