Monday, July 11, 2005

Black Radio

Has anyone besides me noticed how prevalent ads for bad credit and no credit seem to dominate the airwaves of "black" radio stations. Also PSAs for staying out of jail and "stop the violence" campaigns. Why is it that its assumed or actual that black folks are all overdrawn and outta control, they want new cars but have bad credit, saddled in debt, going to jail, eating at McDonald's (and lovin' it) or KFC (by the bucket fulls) or drinking Kool Aid. I hate those greasy, soulful, yuckin' and chuckin' ads for all things stereotypically "black" - things like Popeyes Fried Chicken and all the while there's a "black" voice going on about how they looooove the fried chicken, and those ones for no credit bad credit!!! Yes they burn a special place in my heart. No credit, but yet you want a new car, which will soon be in the hands of the repo man. Why is it that we can only seem to talk about what bad shape we're in but yet seem paralyzed in respects to doing anything about the situation, why are we in such a mess but can only talk talk and talk ourselves into more circles about it? What a mess. Bill Cosby is on one old grand tour yapping about it, but still the madness continues. Just this weekend there was an all out murder spree, with about 3 black males seemingly senselessly gunned down. Or maybe only black males gunned down get air time because it fits the "profile" of scandelocity. Who knows but the ads keep on pumpin' and the call for "stop the violence" is still on and has been since I was 16 and I'm now 33, so go figure!


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