Monday, July 11, 2005

All's Well!!

The landscape of American TV and film is filled with "perfect" bodies, all sculpted and cut up, even to play walk on parts, one liners etc. Everyone is toned and pumped to precision. No one looks like the crowd that looking back at the screen, everyone a perfect specimen. This is startling to me as I am exposed to all sorts of foreign films and the folks in them look like me, or people that I walk by everyday as I take the train, or ride the bus; they have real problems and they live in houses and apartments that look like mine or the ones I've lived in. I was watching the EastEnders, a British soap and this was so evident and comforting at the same time. Not so in the US uhh uhh, nope everyone, even hosts of silly shows have to be perfect. I wonder all the time, do they have issues like me, they don't ever look average or wear a size 6, 8 or God forbid at 10. They don't have bad hair or features that they don't like to see staring back at them from mirrors. Do they have hormonal issues, do they gain weight from birth control, do they have upsets in life are they always perfect, even in pregnancy and then drop the baby to look fabulous 3weeks later!? Do they, somehow I think the outside is perfect but there is more under the surface. As they trot across the screen my mind wanders on all these things, as I have my own issues my ups and downs I wonder if these folks have the same or if they are somehow a cut above us mere mortals or are we just strange castaways who will never really have it together.


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