Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bad Batch

Dateline: August
Location: New York City
Storyline: Bad batch of Heroin kills 6 in the naked city.
First 2 young fresh faced on-their-way-to-life-and-success ladies, whose parents are now railing at the dealers for killing their girls. I sympathize with these parents who lost their young daughters. But how are you going to blame the dealers. Why don't people face the harsh music and ask - why were the girls using dope!!!??? Everyone wants to come down on the dealer, oh he shoulda been off the street, he shoulda this and that. Fact is; the gals woulda found somewhere to get the smack from, maybe it wouldn't have killed them but there was obviously something wrong, why were they using drugs? There was some other deep problem going on in these 2 lovely girls lives that it seems the parents don't want to face. Out crawling the streets, boozing, hanging with former drug dealers/ex-gang members, seems they knew what they were doing, needle marks everywhere, no innocent babes in the woods here folks. Now the police are rushing around and whops - 6 more people turn up dead all over from this batch laced with God only knows what. Why do we only rush to fix a problem after it becomes horribly apparent that everything has gone horribly wrong and why do we still demonize the dealer and never deal with the issues, issues that no one wants to face until things turn out really bad or until someones gets a bad dose.


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