Monday, August 15, 2005

Soft Sell

I went to church yesterday - church!!? You say yes, my car had a technical difficulty on 35th street and I decided to let it cool off and I went into St. Ignatius Episcopal/Anglican church. What a relief, no only was it a refuge from the searing heat outside but it was like a small oasis in the now new sea of jostling-for-you-attention churches in this big city. I just needed, calm peace and quiet and that is what I got. I didn't and don't need a sell or a call to the alter or a shout out or any kinda loud ass carrying on. Maybe its my personality or just a result of my personal history but I just don't want loud when I want to meditate with and on my creator. The sermon was "Confessions of an Ivy League Evangelical" and I was drawn in due to the fact that the theme of the lesson was posted outside. The priest he took the pulpit and quietly and methodically stated his views on evangelizing, his Christianity and really what Christianity meant and should mean, especially in these modern times when it seems to be gripped by an almost fanatical fervor. Jesus was about peace and spreading good will not like so many evangelicals who have an agenda and who have an almost maniacal desire to plant churches all over the world and convert and get more followers. All of that looses focus of what the faith is really about and that is spreading goodwill, peace and brotherly love among all who inhibit the planet. There was no choir singing lustily to the encouragement of a pastor urging them one more and then another on with that last verse. I tell you, I am woozy when I leave Pentecostal/Non-denominationally churches, after all the clanging and singing and clapping and alter calling and soundtrack drama to the service I just feel like I need to be somewhere quiet and hold my head. To me its all an elaborate "sell" and I don't like or trust a sell in most forms, especially when it tries not to look like a sell. And after an 1 1/2 hours, I'm mental wasted and detached anyway, by the time the sermon rolls in, I'm good and spent. I guess that's just me, when I club I want loud because I don't really want to think, I just want to dance, praying and meditating, another story, I need peace and quiet please and enough of the "sell" just speak, eventually people who give damn and who're really genuine will listen.


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