Thursday, August 04, 2005

Being Bobby or Whitney's Demise

Ok the newest reality spectacle is Being Bobby Brown. Or as I like to call it, Looking into the Demise of Whitney Houston - her long day's journey into a strange and wild night. I've to say that since I've started watching I cannot stop, it has become a Thursday night guilty pleasure for my husband and I. Bobby romps and eats and goes to court and storms Harrods, lives in Hotels, gyrates on his wife and embarrasses his children. Bobby is totally wild and the reason we watch is not really Bobby or what really happened to him but Whitney - what happened to her???? Whitney once the creme de la creme of R&B hit society is now reduced to campy ghettoish drugish like behavior. She blurts out a song or 2, singing here and there, smoking way too much for the singer we know her to be. And of course poor Bobbi Christina who seems to be more of a parent than a child to her 2 wayward parents as they come undone and get totally out of control. Bobby interacts and overacts with all and sundry; stars, has beens, strangers, owners of exclusive dept. stores you name it he's out there like a presidential candidate. Bobby Brown, the playa president, Mr. R&B himself - or so his wife thinks that he is. As I sit in utter shock I wonder first, where is all this money coming from and what really do they now do, I mean do they work? But even more profound is Whitney - what a fall from grace, that's really why we tune in, to see her and it is her behavior that keeps us glued and in awe.


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