Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Steroids - 'nuff said, what can I say about 'em. Here's where I stand on the whole baseball/steroid/government use issue, the government should stay the hell out of it and let the sport police itself. And who cares, I say mind your own damned biz when it comes to who uses, who takes what and when and how. Gimme a break, with the kids, every thing out there is damned near illicit. Face it, people go to these arenas to see super humans, humans who aren't the norm, humans who don't live like them or look like them, no one comes to the park to see the guys that they could see in the neighborhood play - we want to see superhumans, superhuman bodies and superhuman strength. I for one think that everyone should mind their own business. What the hell is Congress doing getting involved in who uses 'roids or not and now we've got Mr. Palmeiri Mr. Fingerpointer himself, testing positive and reneging saying he didn't "intentionally" use the drugs - you didn't intentionally - what the fuck, gimme a friggin' break, then how did you unintentionally do this. Did you fall into a steroid pond, or was it that you tripped on the steroind sidewalk! We pump women full of steroids called contraceptives sending them crazy and shit and we don't want men to take a few, screw that, I say take the shit 'til your heads pop off, cause at the end of the day who's biz is it anyway, your f**king own!


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