Friday, October 07, 2005

The Quagmire

I have to touch on the War in/on Iraq, The War to Liberate the Iraqi People, The War to find Weapons of Mass Distruction or whatever they're calling it this week, year or month. Yes the war was first sold after 9/11 as the solution to Terrorism, get Saddam who was somehow linked to Bin Laden and the World Trade Center disaster and yeah, solve all our problems and the world will have a great night's sleep and wake up to a new bright and wonderful day. Ha ha or so we thought. Bush sold Americans on these weapons that now 2years later are found out to not exist, and the Liberation of people that have now become unwitting prisoners in their own country bogged down in a mire of messy squabbles and insurgents and a counterinsurgency that has basically turned their lives more upsided down than it ever was. This was supposed to be a cut and dry exercise: get into Iraq, cut off Saddam, get him, cut off his henchmen, bomb down the country, grab and viola! In the words of George W. Bush - Mission Accomplished! ha ha that was almost 3yrs ago and the bodies are now piling up, Iraqi bodies, American young men bodies and coalition bodies. So after the "shock and awe" we're still there, slogged down trying to put out the fires caused by the pockets of insurgency, insurgency that now seems bent on keeping America and its youth under fire and under the gun in a foreign land. So here it is that the reasons for invading Iraq keeps shifting, first Saddam was a threat, then he had weapons, then when the weapons weren't forthcoming it was to liberate then they found Saddam now its to preserve American freedom. I have never understood that silly logic. No one has brought the war to this country's door but yet they claim to be defending our freedoms - no one is threatening them!! How ridiculous that argument is, but it never fails to brainwash and soak into the brains of the average idiot. And the average idiot is the one who doesn't ask questions, and the one who goes along and inadvertantly the one who will back a quagmire until at such time as he wakes up, only too late to to anything.


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