Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pop Goes...

...the weasel and all the other nonsense. Ok today I found myself thrust onto the E! Network by my husband. I was dizzy with news of "hollywood romances" and "splitsvilles" and "weddings that went bust" and on and on with all the celebrity nonsense. Good Lord, the pace at which they rolled out the "news" was at a giddy speed. Lindsey Lohan, Demi and Ashton and Paris and Paris engagement is off and the 5 million dollar ring and divorce and *sigh* I was out of breath, felt like I ran the gossip marathon. What a mess. Now I know why I really don't watch E! but hey they have an audience like some people I know who are so empty headed and vapid they lap up all the madness. I don't know why people rail so much against gay marriage 'cause the strai8 folks are pretty much making a mokery of it. I mean people get married for 5mths, a couple of hours (a la Britney Spears) for strange reasons, they meet and 5 weeks later its on then off in 5 mths. What a laugh, hey I say let the men marry, and maybe they do the same thing but its not like anyone takes the event serious anymore. Trista and Ryan made a television event out of theirs and Star Jones even got sponsorship. That anyone can still make the argument for marriage being sacred and serious and all to me is one big fat joke. Pop culture - ya just gotta love it.


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