Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blastin' Out the Closet

Sins are indispensable to every society organized on an ecclesiastical basis; they are the only reliable weapons of power; the priest lives upon sins; it is necessary to him that there be sinning.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

They're soon gonna have to start a new magazine for folks who aren't celebrating coming out the closet but instead being blasted unceremoniously out by scandal and exposure. First up out the front door was good old Gov McGreevy and after that well we had Sen. Foley, ousted or more appropriatly outed from the closet by his salacious e-mails to young Pages, with dreamy fantasies of seeing their legs, asses and dicks. Of course he says he's a drunk. Now we've Pastor Ted Haggard well what more can I say, visiting a male prostitute for massages, no doubt with happy endings. He being leader of the Evangels in the US or whatever they call themselves, he turned out to be the sinner he spoke about, he turned out to be worse than the folks he wanted in the church! He was also buying crystal meth from the said call dude, but he said he threw it away - humm dubious claim. He of wife and 5 kids, now no doubt thoroughly embarassed and wondering what the hell happened. Another man denying the fact that he's obviously gay, and maybe so for a good many years, another man trying to suppress his inner self, who he truly is only to have it emerge in a totally disgusting and unsavory way. This is yet another mark again on the madness that is organized religion and the followers that want to deny people from their true selves and then when they finally break, they make comments like - oh its human nature. Uh sorry, human nature doesn't say you might look for gay sex while married or look for gay sex, just because! ha That's the funniest statement I've heard.
I'm frankly quite disgusted at the state of organized religion, preying on people and having the nerve to try to tell us what to do, or think or else we won't get to go to heaven and be with God and Jesus. What a ridiculous set of drivel. How the hell do they know and the ones talking the loudest as the ones doing the most sinning.


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