Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Office Thespian

We've a small office so its hard to mask or hide away personalities, good, bad and strange. So it is the office thespian that I shall comment on this installment. Enter stage right, woman, early 50s, terribly dated in attire and appearance. Makeup; intense, attitude in full throttle diva gear. Hair, insanely black and long and childish and outdated, mode of thinking - so 80s its insane. In she saunters day after day, 5inch thick wedge heels, Madonna circa 1984 sunglasses and drama queen mode turned all the way up, catch phrases to boot. This is our office thespian. All I can say is that appears to be all in the mind. One wonders how someone could become so deluded that they fail to grasp reality. Our office thespian has never been cast in a major role, never worked as an extra, doesn't audition, doesn't do the beat of the average actor, yet she continues to put on plays that are discombobulated, confusing and in my opinion - embarrassing. She struts on stage, grand stands, talks acts the same way she acts up in the office in a story with no direction or purpose. I've seen it before and it's going to happen again. The thespian is hoping that this newest play will shoot her to stardom, freeing her from the confines of her present miserable existence and catapult her to the plateau she'd so badly desired for the last 30 years. Why is it that she can't let go, why can't she face the awful reality that most likely, its all over, the sobering fact that no one wants an aging amateur "star" who has to stage her own play because she can't catch a break elsewhere. A faded dream of a dreamer who always wants to be seen, heard, embraced, admired and watched. She's invited the "world", casting directors, etc. Casting directors wait to see the potentials, they don't do the work by coming out to scout, you've to go to them so I think that might be a pipe dream. With lots of money spent, I don't have the heart to ask or tell her that the last play was terrible and that she should abandon all hopes of ever making it. Then again, what do I know, maybe she'll do it this time, if only she could just do it. But what if she doesn't, what if the phone doesn't ring after this - what if nothing happens and she has to wake up yet again, come in to work, fax, file and answer the phone, trapped until retirement. What then, will she just have to hang her head in shame or keep striking out, going fitfully into the twilight of faded dreams and deluded aspirations.


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