Monday, September 25, 2006

The Anatomy of Abuse

I always say that I've never met so many fucked up people as when I moved to the US but I guess, being from a small island, the instance of meeting people who's lives have been turned completely upsided down by other humans is not as great as here in this country. I've begun watching those Intervention shows on A&E and such and it is then I realized, like I always have - the physical and sexual abuse of children is one of the worse things that can be visited on a human being. It ruins a childhood and hurls the victim into an abyss of dillusion, anger and self hatred. Abuse robs the victim of a sense of security and self esteem. Both types of abuse are visited on defenseless children daily in this country. Society doesn't seem to have the wheels oiled in the help train for the abused so they continue to fall beneath the tracks and become crushed, the guilt the shame, parental disassociation combine to form a deadly bomb that explodes into self destructive behaviours. Drug abuse, sex addiction, self mutilation, over eating - all forms at attempting to primitively self medicate and deal with the pain. From the damage that this has wrecked on our society and the shear pain visited on children I believe that ALL child abusers, be locked in either special facilities forever or just simply put to death, that they are able to ever walk in society again is an abomnation to mankind, an offense with no chance of forgiveness.


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