Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Help

Recently my husband and I have become overwhelmed with our jobs, household projects and just life in general. Now I've made the conscious decision to hire someone to help us with the cleaning even help us with some of the projects - painting maybe. My husband is so against it. He wants to clean before the cleaning lady comes over he is obsessed with the thought that she's discussing us, saying we're messy we're horrible people that can't keep our place clean, but that's her job; she cleans!! He is exhausted, mentally and physically. His job and life saps his energy, he can barely put away his clothes after washing but yet doesn't want anyone to help with it. He doesn't want to surrender the duties to anyone, he can't bare to, its against the very fabric of his being - I guess. I went ahead with the cleaning lady come in and what a difference, my time was freed up to do so much, he was able to go on with his projects and was happy afterwards but is still not sold on the whole idea of having help, help.


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