Monday, December 11, 2006

Why I am Done Giving to Charity

I'm done, I'm done done done!!! I can't take it anymore. I give to one, I try to do my bit and help an unfortunate soul, a cause, give something, my drop in the bucket hopefully adding up to a bucket of assistance. But no good deed goes unpunished and now I'm being punished; you're wondering how, well I'll tell you. I am being buried in a sea, more like a tsunami of mail. Each one, begging and beseaching, pleading for a donation and fee, crying eyes, sad faces, convincing causes. But I am so disgusted at the shear waste! The address labels, the pens and even the 5cent piece, how many mailers went out with how many 5cents that could've gone to the same charity that they're so earnestly begging! grrr that makes me insane! I spent about an hour shredding all the beggary shit on Sunday and I became so infuriated! And when I think about the fact that I give nicely from the heart to one organization and they have the gaul to then sell my name onto other orgs almost like, hey here's a sucker for you to bother - I want to yell even more. And with that it makes me so jaded to all these causes, Darfur, women in impoverished countries, children with medical disorders, human rights, civil rights - everything, I'm burnt out and now I don't care and don't even want to. So thanks to the charitable organizations, not only have you overloaded me with too much and now I don't care! Don't care about anything anymore, DON'T CARE, starve, die do whatever, its sad but they did the opposite of what they were supposed to be - they made me uncaring and an evil scrooge - Thanks all!


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