Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get the Brooms Out!!!

Can you say unbelievable, even unprecedented! The Dems took the house and swept the old dodgers out!!! I feel a sense of optimism a feeling of being lifted out of an old dusty gloom to that of clarity and focus. Finally people in offices that get it, that rule by common sense and not back door politicking and trickery of the general populace. Things can get done the right way, more money for low paid people, proper education and enough of this stupid wall to fence out Mexico, waste of the tax payers money! Now we have clear level heads to run the show. Rumsfeld has resigned - humm I wonder why, the first female speaker of the House! God Damned I couldn't dream up a better outcome, after the disappointing Presidential Elections, this is like Xmas come late. Even dumbass Rick Santorum lost his seat, the proverbial Bush ass kisser! ha ha Get the brooms ready folks - Sweep 'em out!!


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