Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Epiphany

I remember having an epiphany, a strange one and in a strange place. I was in my required Geology class at Queensborough Community College. We were studying the planets, rocks, saturn's moons - io, in particular. And all of a sudden, like a sack of potatoes, where what, does God exist in all this, did he create this, where did all this strange shit come from. All these planets, turning, oscillating, moving out there in space, with their own lives, own planets, moons and such. Black holes and a Universe that seems to go on forever and ever. And I remember asking myself, where the hell do we all fit into this, why only this fertile planet.

Is somebody else out there, down the end the far corridor. I don't know and I just realized, that no one else knows either. They're just guessing and hoping but do we really know. The religious types never answer my questions with their archaic logic and silly explanations. It took me a while to come out of the funk that the idea of God might be an invention of the human mind to deal with all this, this whole thing was heavy. Not too many a mind could handle it.

Only after viewing the Discovery Channel and really taking a look at the sophisticated and highly evolved organisms that we have on this planet did I come back to the thinking that there does exist some higher power. Something bigger that all us, something that set all this in motion; not by the waving of some wand, not in 7 days, not starting with 2 people - them being Adam and Eve. Nope none of that, something else happened. We're still trying to figure out. Looking back on the great civilizations that we've had exist on this planet it is hard to view this whole scheme of things in a simplistic way, one must dig and think deeper. The capacity to which most individuals cannot do. Their minds take them only slightly beneath the surface. So as the world continues to spin, mindful of all the other planets out there, never colliding, never crashing or ceasing, spinning in infinite perpetual motion we wait, wait for the answer to be discovered and those who think they've got the answer, wait for the return of their deity to live in a lofty perfect existence for all eternity.

For me, there is Alpha with no Omega.


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