Monday, January 15, 2007


Castro is suffering and might die. The end I fear is inevitable, Miami will be celebrating, his brother Raul will take over and things might change? Who knows what will happen, it could be worse, better or just strange. Cuba - a source of controversy and a thorn in the side of the USA. I was happy that I was able to fulfill my dream of visiting this fabled island, the biggest island in the Caribbean. Me, being from one of the littlest ones was just happy to be able to go, I defied the stupid embargo, after all, I felt like I was re born. I had nearly died the year before, and after having a tricky brain surgery, I'd be damned if I was afraid of someone telling me where I could and couldn't go. How dare anyone come out in protest against this country. I grew up and saw the US and the world practically ignore the giant elephant of racism in South Africa that stood in the room for decades. Not a word was said, as the diamonds kept coming in. Everyone stood back in silence as blacks were beat down, disenfranchised and demonized by the white minority. Not a word, no travelling embargo, no angry organized mob somewhere in Florida. Nope not a word. But yet you have all this anger for one man. When one visits Cuba there is no abject poverty like in places in the world, lets say, India. Is everyone happy and all's well, of course not, but they aren't too many places in the world that everyone is. So what if you don't have disposable forks and spoons and napkins and toilet paper are luxeries. Hell do you really need that to survive? Ask yourselves.
Everyone in Cuba had a smile on, didn't complain too hard about much and folks, even the hard up had on gold caps on their teeth! Hello, what's that all about. And here in the land of plenty, every other person is "depressed" on some kind of drug, can't stop drugging, eating, sexing or whatever addiction du jour. We have everything but yet unhappy. The newest car, fridge, condo, house, jewellery and the list goes on. The billboards and magazines taunt us with the things that we don't have and most likely won't unless we want to go helplessly into debt. Shame on all the exiled in Miami; who if I were Castro, I wouldn't want back anyway and shame on the politicians that cowtowed to their shit. I have no respect for them, because if they hated Castro so much, they should've done like what he did so many years ago and snuck back in, get through the Sierra Maestra and overthrown the source of their supposed malcontent. Shamefull stupid bunch they are, nope, they don't want to get their precious little hands dirty, they want to litigate their way back home. Well good luck nincompoops, do it youselves or shut up. So here it is with fond farewell, and I was glad to be able to go before the end of his controversial reign. At least he tried, is what I could say, was he the worse, no, was he the best not the least, but he held true to his convictions and for that I give him the utmost credit.


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