Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Please Stand Up!

Ok so I was all excited about visiting this boutique here in the city that I heard was featuring a bit of the collection from my long time favorite store Top Shop in London. Opening Ceremony was the name of the store, I hustled down there after work to the location, tucked away a block north of Canal Street. Big space impressive inventory, very unusual like myself. I jetisoned upstairs to the Top Shop collection and just deflated. Yes they sported many an item from the famous store but unlike TopShop, they were not bursting at the seams with inventory. Top Shop is like no other store. Do you know what its like to enter a huge emporium and find everything that you could want for you wardrobe in one enormous place. No shade no drama no weird "boutiquey" vibe just as loud and busy as you'd want it. People everywhere, impeccable order in the collection and just an immense array of items, tops, tights, bottoms, accessories, accessories and more accessories! Then within the bloody store they're boutiques off the main floor! What more could a girl want. That's what was different about London and NY, whenever the inventory was unusual in NY, it exists in a stuck up environment. They're like 5 items of everything as opposed to 100's of items in London.

There is also an air of stuck upness in certain stores in NYC, like, what are you doing here. One doesn't feel very "welcome" in these places, it feels uptight and definitely not somewhere one would want to return to over and over again. That's the major difference I found, even at Opening Ceremony, there was that strange empty air. Not enough people and just kind of cold and void. Not to mention the prices were not cheap, due to the import issues and the fact that they've to mark up to make a profit. So it looks like I'll be socking away that money and placing my order online or saving for that plane ticket back across the pond to shop and wallow in the big unpretentious glory that is the Top Shop with its loud music, buzzing floors, sweets corner and insane inventory where soaking up all those fab glad rags is oh so so good! The next best thing here is H&M but apart from that glorious institution will could another fab store in the NYC area like the Top Shop please stand up!


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