Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Running in Place

Can I say I'm burnt out, burnt out running, cycling everything else and then I wake up to flip the channel to great shaped taut bodies doing AEROBICS!!!! Yeah really...I feel like I've been running in place for the last 5yrs...lord knows I've racked up some mileage...enough to take you from here to lets say um....Barbados yeah that's it but my body is virtually unsculpable, lil definition here and there but otherwise, well ya sure couldn't tell I run as much as I do...I now can barely fit in the 30miles I'm supposed to do, its a fight that is beginning to render me exhausted!

Friday, August 27, 2004

They're heeeeeeeeeere!!!!!

The vile Republicans are coming the REPUBLICANS ARE COMING...Oh shit they're here. Here for the RNC Convention in what is the most unfriendly city I can think of to Repubs. NYC!! Can ya believe it. And the games shall begin, the actin' up has literally begun, the group ACT UP went buck naked in front of the MSG to prove a point about AIDS. Let the games begin!!! The protests are scheduled to get started, tricks like Halloween. The big protest on Sunday that I've been warned to stay away from with my trusty camera. The banner's been unfurled, Bush going this a way, truth the next and the arrests have started....oh what a mess it'll be. And people are fleeing already! All the Gov. vehicles are in and I even caught a glimpse of Gov. of NY, Mr. Pataki on the Upper West Side for Dinner. I can't wait for the Hi Jinx to begin...Welcome Pussy Faced Bush!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fat City

I love to people watch and in a city like NY it's a Godsend, but from looking at most of the people in the city I have come to the startling and disturbing conclusion that most of you (or them) are mentally disturbed!!! How can so many people walk around absolutely and completely fat (and freak show fat I mean) and outta shape and then wear what they wear and be sane!!! Some of the sights are unbelivable..hey anyone got mirrors anymore...remember those things! And black girls...ya not sexy in those tight things with all those stretch marks hanging out, guts bobbin' and ass a jumpin' nope...not even close!! It is absolutely outta this world looking at some folks. Men with the immensely fat guts just hangin over and waaaaaaaay over the belt. And then some of these folks have the nerve, or better yet the chagrin to EAT and eat something like say...ice-cream and Micky Dees in PUBLIC. If I looked like half their size I'd never let another single soul see food pass my lips! I'd be like a closet drunk or those functioning drug addicts...alone in the house!!! Hide that shit under my bed. For cryin' out loud, no one needs to see that. The amount of fat on these butts could provide enough energy to run this bloody city. Hey I guess that's the outlook from someone like me who gives half a damn about my appearance at least or maybe its just me that's insane....hummmmmmm

Saturday, August 21, 2004

We want you

So has everyone realized the massive low carb movement by the food companies to get your dollars??? Wow low carb is everywhere these last days...but is anyone buying it? Does the average Joe know how to "low carb" 3 Years ago when those words first reached my ears I just started eating my natural fruits and veggies..well I guess I was dumb, heck I coulda been having low carb chocolate, doritos, beer, wine..well it coulda been an all out diet party!!! Ha ha what a laugh all the low carb in the world won't melt that fat off your ass if you don't shut the pie hole in your face and start moving that fat butt!! Thats my tip for the day!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Back in Action

Yes yes...I've been away for some time and oh how the time does fly. Well between runnin' around videotaping weddings, parties and sweet 16s there is just no time for a gal to post! Also been looking into getting a new job and lots of life transitions and just everything crashing at the same time...well its hard to stay on top the blog. But with all that going on I managed to try out the new hot craze that's Bikram yoga or Hot yoga and boy what an experience. The bloody room is heated to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and that enables you to stretch and put your body into all kinds of shapes and poses and boy do you sweat!!! and sweat and SWEAT!! Water was just a rolling off me like I'd never seen....now I'm just coming down from that and it feels like I was lifting weights or something!!
Anyway I needed that stretching, what with all the running I do, I need to get those kinks out. My b'day just past on Sunday and went out to Avalon night club...formerly known as the infamous Limelight in that gothic church on 6th Ave. went with the husband and had a ball on Sunday. Oh so good to hear some good music again and let it all out and dance....Danny Krivit on the "wheels of steel" with his party known as...The 718 Sessions!
Work is getting more and more frustrating and agitating, I leave feeling lots of angst and agitation and edgyness, I know that this is not good and I feel trapped and just want to get out RIGHT NOW!!! It's like I'm in quick sand, just sinking no matter what I try to do!!! Looking for a job...I could just feel the uphill battle right now!!! God what a struggle!!!
The Olympics kick off tomorrow and I'm so not into it, well maybe when things get underway I'll catch the spirit, I mean the track and field is always a good watch. Nothing else new just running and running like crazy, I guess its paying off, everyone seems to think I look "toned" so hey it ain't all for naught.
Spoke to my mother tonite and didn't realize 'til this year that she' so bloody conservative and old fashioned!!! She had a whole rap on gay marriage...blah blah Just doesn't get it. Big news the Gov of the state (NJ that is) resigned today...alas, he's gay, knew it all along, even after 1 marriage in the can and another no doubt terribly now out to sea. Just one old messy scandal...well I gues the motto and my words for the day are...Just be yourself, and what ever that self is, just be it, chances are you'll feel better, be better off and just find your own niche in the world if you are!