Saturday, April 28, 2007


So yesterday on the start of the now famous Tribeca I had the pleasure or more like the discomfort of going to the world premier of a film only known as "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" The film was a documentary of sorts that fleshed out the details of an extremely clever and successfull serial killer in upstate NY. A curious killer this was, since he chronicled all his digusting exploits on camera while committing the disturbing crimes. He kept sex slaves tortured and bound all the while filming their demise. He assaulted and abducted children all in front of the blank stare of the video camera. The film presented snips of the numerous catalogued tapes and in the words of the film makers:

"The Poughkeepsie Tapes examines these horrific tapes at length: what they reveal about the killer, why they were made, and how FBI profilers have used them to better understand violent, psychopathic behavior. The Poughkeepsie Tapes combines interviews surrounding the devastating impact of the Water Street Butcher with shocking footage from the tapes themselves. The Poughkeepsie Tapes documents the actual experience of encountering a deranged serial killer. Never before has an audience been exposed so directly to terror so real. For the first time, the public will see the horrifying images that FBI profilers have studied for years."

This film is a must see and an unsettling view to an actual snuff film is an understatement. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is disturbing, unnerving, cruel and it will skewer the heart with a dagger of fear. This is a must see. Hopefully coming soon near you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Join Us

I am always mystified at how people are taken in by frauds, charlatans and hucksters. As I continue my foray of digging into Zoe Ministries, the fraudulent Rev. Run and all this other madness I am dumbfounded that people hand over their hard earned money to strange people that have to do nothing but tote a bible, quote a few choice verses and voila - money handed over. The picture on this post is that of some poor foolish woman that just handed over $10,000 of no doubt hard earned money to this Bishop Bernard and she's having what I can guess is a friggin' break down. $10,000 and there in the crowd is old Rev Run, no one is bold enough to call this guy out for what he is and that is nothing more than a confidence artist! Plain and simple.

And Al Sharpton is involved in this mess too!!! I mean he's less than desirable in my book but this - this just drove him down so many notches. How do you align yourself with such a person; Bishop Bernard; spewing all kinds of mess and conning innocent fools out of their savings. Where do these guys get the balls, the guts to do this. I couldn't do this shit, I fear I'd be laughed right out of town and not before being jailed first. But these jokers - shoot, they keep the bullshit train running and run it does. I think that they even believe their own bullshit too.

Onto Russell and his brother Rev Run. 2 pieces of work! I thought the Rev was ordained at a real church! But this ha ha ha this is a cracker jack box church and no doubt cracker jack degree too. Rev Run - looks like he only joined up this gravy train church since his star status was dwindling and looks like he had to find an new hustle since the Rap game evaporated and hustle he is. All up on MTV, running around officiating at celeb weddings and of course collecting cash. Yes still have the "look at me" complex, can't get out of the celeb racket.

I am so disgusted at him and his brother Russell and the phony charlatanism that black people get sucked into in this country. And its always the poor ones. The ones that want something, crave the good life, much like the losers on that long Lotto line in the 'hood on any given day. Paying for blessings, what a ridiculous joke and that these guys seal the ruse with a few choice ambiguous words from the Bible. I suppose that gives it the stamp of approval for the duped. I just don't get how one could surrender all common sense for this type of shit. That and the phenom that was Jim Jones never ceases to amaze me.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Land of Bullshit

Ok so let me one of the few folks on the 'net to post about the mystery and strange ponzi type styled bullshit going on with:
a. Zoe Ministries
b. Prophetic Physicians
c. Bishop Womack
d. Prosperity/Self Empowerment preaching

So many people seem to be caught up in this sham, respected people, folks that we think are credible! Al Sharpton and Rev. Run!!! Yes everyone seems to have fallen under the strange spell of bullshit.

I commute from NJ and for weeks I am greeted by the smart smile of Bishop Womack, asking me if I'd like to change my career, yes I have a shot at being a Prophetic Physician. These smarmy teasing billboards are ALL over Jersey, especially canvassing hard on the 1/9 South. Well I just had to go onto the web site and boy what a get up. There I was greeted with all the ventures and things that the good Bishop is involved with. Where do I begin, the Bishop is not only a "Prophet" but he is also a weight loss consultant, has a gym on the site of his "miracle temple" Yes he has a "miracle temple" he offers prophecies (translation - psychic) for a fee of course, he sells manna and he has a product called "gym in a bottle" promising the buyer that you don't need to go to the gym when popping these pills - humm now you don't need a gym with this "supplement" but then why does he have a gym on site. He's got a record company, and I had the chance to listen to the house music that promised blessings and money if listened to. Wow! Where do I begin with this trifling mess. The song started up and the background chanteuse just kept singing "money, money, money" over and over again! I'm now thinking Ok, ah where is the punchline! Little did I know that was not coming!

The further I dug into this whole Prophet madness, I soon began to dig up more prophetesses! Yes they all have blogs and they're mostly black women, with professionally shot photos on their blogs! And who did I find - Rev. Run!! arrrgh, he's one of them too!! They all seem to fall under the spell of the great prophet Bishop Jordan, the founder of Zoe Ministries and progenitor of such things as Cosmic Economics. But we won't deal with him yet, back to Womack, aka the "Blessor Professor" the "Dollar Scholar" as Lil Jon would say - WHAT!!

Yes I stumbled onto the school of preaching that says, hey you give us all your money and we'll foresee lots of shit you wanna hear, but not after you "sow the seed" Aha ha ha ha I have NEVER been privy to such shit in my life. America seems to be full of greedy, weak minded people who constantly need to be told that they're worth something and that they can get money, lots of it, its somewhere and they just need whoever to tap into the money rock for them. Yes the honorable Bishop Womack is stylin' and profilin' in front his temple with the Rolls Royce tucked nicely in the right hand corner! Yes the Lord is good!! Or more like scamming fools pays big!

Sometimes I think that I'm the only one not taken in by this hype! Where is Scottie with the beam I really need to get outta here!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Enough Already!!!

The whole of America seems to be in an uproar with Imus for the last few days. The question I ask is why?! Why does everyone give a shit. Why is anyone surprised and why do we care. I think the knee jerk reaction is just another way that America is shamed into the glaring mirror of itself. No evolution and still harboring the old behavior still harboring the old guard. It is apparent that nothing will get done after all this. Everyone running out trying to set themselves up as "good" people and trying to get their voices heard and ratings up.

First came Al Sharpton dragging the old haggard beast onto his show just to excortiate him - complete with a phalanx of reporters waiting downstairs. Then he has to go to Rutgers and meet with the team that he besmirched. WHY!!! WHY!! Ignore this jackass, this is not the first time he's done this, he's been racist for years! Has no respect for certain types of people and even he doesn't get that he's a racist! Now everyone wants him to apologized and why and. Fuck it, don't ask for an apology, rip the commercials out from under him and lets keep moving. Don't meet with him don't let him try to explain himself by saying that he cares about sickle cell - yes he said that, and the nerve! What an old broke down douche bag!!! Dumb ass. He needs to be ignored, fired as an example and chucked to the side. Why does America get all in an uproar, just to do nothing, absolutely nothing about these people. And Black Americas, always want an apology and want a forum to forgive. NO!!!!!! Stop this behaviour, cut them off cut them out and stomp on people like this. Fuck Imus, don't meet with him, don't accept some bumbling rambling apology! Why do you want that from a man like this, just enough, get over it and know that these voices are now becoming like whispers in a storm, soon to be blown completely way. Just enough already of them - lights out, no more air play.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Fish on Friday & Chocolate Jesus

Today is Good Friday - The sad mournful "good" Friday when Jesus was taken out and assassinated. Good Friday, don't eat any meat, Christians make it a point to not consume meat, and I guess meat is seen as the body of the living Christ and eating meat just makes the crime even worse, everyone, killing, feasting and cannibalising the poor Christ - who would rise 3 days later and come out with the Easter Bunny! In the city an artist made Sweet Jesus - yes Jesus out of Chocolate - anatomically correct might I add. He can't find a place to display his Sweet Jesus though; Sweet Jesus just hangs from the rafters all chocolaty and sweet, with no where to be displayed because the rabid fanatical Christians ran it out of town, Sweet Jesus is now in hiding. They thought it inappropriate to serve up Jesus as food, this being the Easter season when we don't want to eat up poor Christ in any form or fashion, nope not now. Now mind you, we don't mind eating him symbolically every Sunday in Church during communion, but somehow, we can't eat the meat that symbolizes a body on Good Friday. Nor can we eat him in chocolate form, only as disgustingly dry and tasteless wafers, and don't forget the awful bitter blood um I mean wine to wash that down with.

Religious practices make absolutely no sense. Why? Well because they were made up by some self serving, probably less-than-perfect individuals looking to regulate other people's lives. Yes these people exist all throughout history. So here we have it, we can only eat Christ as dry wafers, drink his blood (creepy) as grape juice/wine and but never, never chocolate especially not on Good Friday.