Friday, April 06, 2007

Fish on Friday & Chocolate Jesus

Today is Good Friday - The sad mournful "good" Friday when Jesus was taken out and assassinated. Good Friday, don't eat any meat, Christians make it a point to not consume meat, and I guess meat is seen as the body of the living Christ and eating meat just makes the crime even worse, everyone, killing, feasting and cannibalising the poor Christ - who would rise 3 days later and come out with the Easter Bunny! In the city an artist made Sweet Jesus - yes Jesus out of Chocolate - anatomically correct might I add. He can't find a place to display his Sweet Jesus though; Sweet Jesus just hangs from the rafters all chocolaty and sweet, with no where to be displayed because the rabid fanatical Christians ran it out of town, Sweet Jesus is now in hiding. They thought it inappropriate to serve up Jesus as food, this being the Easter season when we don't want to eat up poor Christ in any form or fashion, nope not now. Now mind you, we don't mind eating him symbolically every Sunday in Church during communion, but somehow, we can't eat the meat that symbolizes a body on Good Friday. Nor can we eat him in chocolate form, only as disgustingly dry and tasteless wafers, and don't forget the awful bitter blood um I mean wine to wash that down with.

Religious practices make absolutely no sense. Why? Well because they were made up by some self serving, probably less-than-perfect individuals looking to regulate other people's lives. Yes these people exist all throughout history. So here we have it, we can only eat Christ as dry wafers, drink his blood (creepy) as grape juice/wine and but never, never chocolate especially not on Good Friday.


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